The Trouble with Friends

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What is up with people these days? I mean really! People used to use the term “Friend” when they really meant it. Nowadays it is used as a word people just throw around to suit their purpose. But in the last few weeks I have learned that friend means so many different things.

Friend + Money = User

When you have money, the friends are always needing to borrow from you. They have no intentions of paying you back…EVER! Nor, do they have the guts to face you when they do owe you. This is not a friend. These are the people who call you friend but when in fact you are nothing but a bank account they think they can use when they are down on their luck. Attention to all of you…dump these “friends” where they belong…in the trash with the bank receipts they have.

Friend + Car = Taxi

There are the friends who are only around you when they are sitting shot gun in your vehicle. These types of friends have no car of their own and no intentions of getting one because they know lots of nice people with cars who don’t know how to say no. I am sure the last time I check that cars do not run on air and even if they did the government would find a way to tax it. Ask yourself this…I f they had a car would they be your chauffeur? If you can’t absolutely say yes to that question, it is time to put a eject seat on your passenger side and throw their butt out.

Friend + Kids = Babysitter

We all have been there, that one “friend” who calls on you to watch their kids at anytime, day or night. They don’t ask about your plans just if you can watch Little Johnny on Friday night. Yes, I know we all love kids, but when it is a constant thing and they would never watch your kids if they were made out of chocolate, it is time to halt the babysitting service for free.

Friends + Nothing Wanted in Return = True Friends

When these people call or text you just to make sure you are okay…that’s a friend. When they stop by with Kleenex and medicine just because they seen your Facebook status about having a cold…that’s a friend. When you can count on them to be there for you anytime of day or night…that’s a friend. When you worry about them not answering your call…that’s your friend. When you make sure they have company when you know they are lonely…that’s your friend.

Friend is so over used these days, but when you find one you will instantly know it. The connection will be there and the feeling of love will seem wonderful. I miss friends like this and miss days of not doing everything for everyone then being left in the dust.  This makes me wonder if somewhere in all of the technology we stare into these days has turned us against human interactions. We can’t connect to people eye to eye like we used too. Also, the fakes on the internet have made us weary of people in general. This is one thing I really hope stops before your kids get older. We want our kids to know what true friendship feels like.

In no way am I saying all of these situation are the same in every friendship, but hovering around forty years old now, I think back over my many friends have realized I have really only had enough true friends to count on one hand.  These friends are the ones who I know will be there for me no matter what and I would do the same for them in a heartbeat.

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Cyndee is a mom of 3, one with Autism as his Super Power, trying to make her way through college and life with MS and without getting multiple restraining orders...Living in Mt. Airy, N.C and married to her best friend and side-kick Jack, aka Not-So-Rude-Dad.....Welcome to our craziness.
  • lisa

    This is why I love your blog. You speak the truth!

  • Random name

    Love it!!! Watch out for Couponshohpaholic she is a BIG USER! Ripped me off of $250.00

  • tammy ward

    i agree with all the above about the friends issue,mine want to tell me their troubles and want my opinion and then dont listen lol

  • Jody Arbogast

    I haven’t had a real friend since 1998 when my best friend in the world died of cancer. To be honest I don’t think I want one in this day and age. People are not to much on trust worthy. Don’t get me wrong I’m sure there are trustung people out there, but I guess I’m in the wrong state…lol

  • Angie Butler

    OMG I am in the midst of so much of this right now. I didn’t realize it until I read this post. Thanks so much for the eye opener.

  • Shannon Edgar Gnocato

    I think everyone probably has at least one friend that falls into each of these groups (and I think a few sub-groups!)

  • Cheryl Grandy

    I’m happy to have just a few true friends – the rest are acquaintances, neighbours, people I work with etc. All have their places in my life.

  • April Vrugtman

    True friends are definitely hard to come by and when you find them, keep them and hold them close! They make life that much more liveable.

  • Wendy Gage

    I totally agree I don’t think I have any true friend :(

  • Kelly McGrew

    the formula for a true friend is really true and beautiful!

  • Marcia Lee

    I thank The Lord that I have a few friends that are “true” friends. You notice that I thanked Jesus. I think that is the key for me. My born again sisters are true to God and are wonderful acquaintances. And my closest friends are not looking for what they can get in their relationships.

  • Jaime

    I had many, many “friends” growing up in my teens and 20′s. It took until I hit almost 30 to find a few good, true friends. They are amazing people and they love me whether I am penniless, carless, sad, happy. It doesn’t matter; they are just my friends…. always!

  • Nerdz Rage

    I think I have like 20 friends I would consider in the “true friends” category.