Choosing the Right Prom Dress

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Choosing the Right Prom Dress

We have all been there…just a few days left until prom night, but you haven’t chosen “The Dress”. I can remember being so worried about someone not liking my dress or me even not liking it after the prom was over. You know those dreaded after prom regrets when you have to look at those prom pictures and say, “What was I thinking?”

Believe me I had that thought after my first prom. I absolutely loved the young man who took me, but looking back on old prom photos makes me wonder what in the world was going through my head when I picked that PINK, yes, pink dress with puffy sleeves. I looked miserable in it. Turns out that once I got dressed that evening it was too long and a little too tight. So, I can positively say I wasn’t the most comfortable girl at the prom that night. I really don’t want my girls looking back and having any regret about their dresses. I just want them to remember that night as one of the funniest nights of high school.

As you all know I have two teenager daughters as well as Boy Wonder, but I have come to the conclusion that nowadays picking a prom dress is more important than it was back when I went. The fact that if your dress was horrid it could be on display for the whole world to see on the internet. So my girls are taking their time picking out just the right dress that will make them feel like a princess for the night.

After searching for weeks for a dress for them, we found and they found just what they were looking for. Then there’s the chance of them always changing their mind a few days before the big night. So, I made sure that I could exchange the dresses quick and easily. Which makes me out to be Super Mom in their eyes. Because we all know that making your kids happy is always a wonderful thing. Plus, how many times do we actually get to see your little girls turn into beautiful young women right in front of our eyes. That night will be a night that we all will remember…especially the boyfriends, because I will be sitting on the porch cleaning my guns when they pull up.


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Cyndee is a mom of 3, one with Autism as his Super Power, trying to make her way through college and life with MS and without getting multiple restraining orders...Living in Mt. Airy, N.C and married to her best friend and side-kick Jack, aka Not-So-Rude-Dad.....Welcome to our craziness.
  • Jo-Anne Pfoh

    prom can be such a stressful time and the dress competition is horrid. Great that you found the dress and you had a back up plan (exchange) thanks for the post

  • Judy Thomas

    This is great advice thank you very much :) I have two girls that are at that age and it will save me a lot of stress .

  • Shannon

    What great advice and I love the website. I need to check it out.

  • Deb

    I wish I had this good advice before my prom.

  • Darlene Jones-Nelson

    Thank you! I have 1 last on to send to prom and now I have the information on hand. I dread sitting in the dress stores so much! I am not a shopper at all so we have to bring other family members with and its a whole weekend ordeal well it was with my middle Girl.

  • Wendy Hutton

    very useful advice

  • Janet Watson

    So many great dress choices on that site! Great advice!

  • susan1215

    I want my daughters prom dress to cover her up. I have seen some prom dresses that don’t belong on a 16 year old.

  • tannawings

    I am glad to see that people are discusiing this. For far too long the dresses have become way too revealing!

  • Darcy Hoskins

    I wish that I could’ve had such great resources when I was in high school picking out dresses! Thanks for the info!

  • Laura

    Everything is so expensive in high school, but we want them to look their best.

  • Richard Hicks

    I have a niece that will be attending her prom this year. Want to make sure she looks her best!

  • Barbara Platt

    they have beautiful dresses, I wish I had gone to a prom

  • Cherry Mischievous

    it is always tricky trying to pull the “super mom” trick. Not everybody cam do it :) But darn some people have the knack!

  • tracey barfield

    As long as you are happy with your chose wear it proud and be yourself

  • Seyma Shabbir

    I won;t have to worry about this as I have 2 sons but I always wish I made it to my junior or senior prom. Was hard since dad was in the army and our HS was far away from the base (Germany).

  • Dan564

    Still remember our version of the prom; it’s a great opportunity to get dressed up but also a lot of pressure!

  • Jessamine Marie Ricafort Dungo

    Oh I remember my highschool prom. :) It was so much fun. I remember browsing catalogues then because we were on a budget, we would go to a seamstress which will offer a lower price to make a similar dress. :)

  • Lesley M

    I love prom dress shopping, and loved both dresses I ended up with! Good luck to your girls at prom!!

  • sohamolina

    Yes changing their minds just before the big day always poses a problem.

  • gigi

    They really do have nice dresses! I still remember my prom like it was yesterday – and I thought it was expensive back in the 80′s….it’s amazingly expensive now!!

  • Betsy Barnes

    I remember not having much of an input when picking out my prom dress. My father was use to me going to Catholic school, so when we moved and I had to go to public school, he was very much against the styles. Of course, that was the late ’70′s, I’m sure he would mind them now, lol :)

  • tammy campbell

    prom is so much fun. my aunt took me shopping and I picked out a long black dress with a slit up the side. lol probably way too mature for a 17 yr old but I felt like a movie star

  • Kelly

    Great post! Can’t wait to check out that website.

  • tannawings

    I love prom although never went tto my own. Great choices out there now!

  • slehan

    I don’t think I went to prom. It was 1965, a lifetime ago. Glad your daughters found neat dresses.

  • Ashley R

    This is an excellent post! My prom was years ago, and I wish I had something like this to prevent me from choosing the monstrosity of a dress that I chose!

  • Anna

    I wish I could re-do my prom :)

  • fatmeatloaf1

    I’m from the deep south and we wore those dresses like you saw in Gone With The Wind to our proms way back when- hoops and all.

  • Lilith Nyx

    Lovely dresses :)

  • sandy weinstein

    i think prom dresses have gotten way out of line….too much skin showing….too sexy…i am amazed at what mothers let them wear today.

  • Wendy Pesce

    My daughter is a Jr and dating a senior- means we have 2 proms to buy for!

  • wildnmild4u

    I would have loved to pick out a prom dress. Instead I had to wear hand-me-down from a sister that was 10 yrs older than me. Just a lil out dated. LOL
    Jennifer Rote

  • Jennifer Sparks

    I missed my prom both years. Of course, I didnt have internet back then to find such lovely dresses.

  • Jaime

    My niece is getting ready for her Senior Prom, and oh… the dress troubles. I think she is on # 3 right now. Her daddy didn’t like the first, she didn’t like the second… hopefully everyone can agree on this third one. I think she is stunning in any of them, so I will be happy with whatever she chooses!

  • Lynn

    There are some gorgeous selections, but I feel sorry for parents if they start at $100. I think my black dress with a short but poufy crinoline skirt cost under $50 at JC Penney back in the 80s. In retrospect, I should’ve worn it with a big bow on my head and fingerless lace gloves and pretended to be Madonna.

  • Cheryl Grandy

    Prom dresses are so expensive! Back in the seventies, mine was $50 or $60 (the most expensive dress I’d ever had, but even then, probably on the low end of the cost spectrum). It takes a lot of looking to find something pretty yet affordable. Glad you were able to find dresses that your girls are so happy with!

  • Melissa

    I didn’t go with a traditional prom dress, but it was still expensive anyway. I bought a lolita dress from Worth the $70 or so I paid.

  • carawling

    I remember how exciting it was to pick out my prom dress. Its the high moment of a girl’s high school time.

  • Jude Skocki Kelly

    I chose my prom dress months in advance. My daughter and I did the same thing with hers. Doing so allowed time for alterations too. It was so much fun

    myfreebi3s at yahoo dot com

  • Cristy Doris

    Loved my sister’s prom dress. She looked so stunning when she left the house for her special day last year. My own prom was definitely not exceptional – I hardly knew anyone since I was new to the school. I helped my sister with her dress – wanted her to feel special and have a great night!

  • Mia

    Picking the perfect prom dress is definitely a challenge! Now is a good time to start looking!

  • Angela Smith

    I used to always have my prom dress picked out by January. My favorite was a champagne colored one that sparkled all over. I felt like Cinderella in it!

  • Allison L

    I never went to prom, so I enjoyed helping my sister find her prom dresses the last couple of years! There are so many to choose from, it’s a little overwhelming, but fun!

  • Juliee Fitze

    Good post , won’t have anyone going to the prom for at least another 14 yrs.

  • cynthiac

    Some of the dresses look so inappropriate – more like Hollywood than high school. I like the ones that make the girls look sweet and pretty.

  • Robin A

    Picking out a prom dress is so stressful. Thank you for the great article . We will have another one this year this should make it easier

  • Rhonda Martin

    I wish they had when I was going to the prom. They have so many beautiful dresses. I don’t have any girls that are going to the Prom this year so no worries here but good to know for when I do.

  • Clara King

    Thank you for this post! I will have to share the web site with my sister.

  • Alya

    It really was quite hard for me to choose “the” dress, but it does pay off when you do.