Preventing Bug Bites

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Preventing Bug Bites

Bug bites are annoying and bothersome at best, and dangerous at worst. Although many people may not think of a mosquito or tick bite as something to be avoided at all costs, the truth is that these two pests can carry hundreds of diseases that have the potential to kill, including Lyme disease, West Nile virus, and malaria. Preventing bites from these creatures should be a priority for everyone who lives in or near an environment where mosquitoes and ticks are likely to live.

Those wishing to rid themselves of mosquitoes and ticks should first do all they can to make their outside environment as uninhabitable for these pests as possible. Planting a garden with marigolds and chrysanthemums will help repel both mosquitoes and ticks. Overturning any receptacle that may hold standing water will remove an important step in a mosquito’s life cycle, thus keeping them from successfully reproducing. For ticks, removing their habitat is key. Keeping leaf litter and tall grasses away from outdoor spaces, mowing the lawn regularly, and keeping wood stacked neatly in dry areas are all very good practices to reduce tick populations.

Deterring ticks and mosquitoes from becoming a problem takes more than just prevention. In most cases, prevention and treatment go hand in hand and show the most results. A mosquito treatment can do wonders at halting the mosquito population from increasing, keeping you safer with less potential for a bite. These treatments usually involve a simple application of chemicals or pesticides to any standing water, which is where mosquitoes lay their eggs. The pesticide used is often a larvicide, which prevents the larvae from maturing into an adult, thus preventing the life-cycle from continuing. This type of mosquito treatment can consist of oils, growth regulators, contact or stomach poisons, or biological control agents. Some work best alone, others in combination with another larvicide.

Tick bites can be rather unpleasant and should be avoided as well. Unlike a mosquito treatment, acaricides, or pesticides specifically aimed at killing ticks, are applied to all likely dwelling places that ticks might frequent, not just to areas specific to their life stages. Pyrethroids and pyrethrin are especially useful at killing and repelling ticks, as they attack the arachnid’s nervous system and may result in instantaneous death. A simple spraying of the property in May or June can be all that is required to keep the tick population down and tick bites at bay for an entire year.

It can be very simple to protect you and your loved ones from tick and mosquito bites. A quick, effective tick and mosquito treatment may be all it takes to keep your pest problem under control and keep your family free of these nasty little bugs.

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  • Tiffani P.

    Thanks for th tips. I will have to remember this when we plant our flowers this spring. When my son gets mosquito bites they swell up really big. Back at the beginning of the school year he got bit by his eye…twice…and the next morning his eye was all swollen and it looked like he had a black eye.

  • Chrystal D

    This is a great article! I learned a lot from it, thanks!

  • Diana Scholz

    Great article to read on the warmest day of the year so far!

  • Kortney Picker

    Wow, it is nice to know that you can plant flower (something beautiful) and it will keep mosquitoes away, it’s a win win!

  • slehan

    I like useful flowers that are also pretty – mums and marigolds are both. No pesticides for me.

    slehan at juno dot com

  • Shannon

    All great tips. Thank you for taking the time to post this.

  • Marcia Lee

    Thank you for the reminder that we need to be proactive when it comes to mosquitos and ticks. I did not know that marigolds and mums are helpful in repelling both of these pests.

  • Sarah Ann

    That’s really interesting that some flowers repel mosquitoes! I’ll have to remember that as I plant our garden this spring!

  • tannawings

    I knew about a few of these and I hate mosquitos! I do plant both marigolds and chrysanthemums.

    ellen beck

  • Seyma Shabbir

    We have also used lemon verbana around the house to keep them away. It works!

  • Brianna Ketchum

    Great article for sure will try these out never knew about this!!!

  • cynthiac

    Thanks for the information. I’m hoping all the cold weather this winter will keep the insect population down next summer.

  • Ashley Costanzo

    Thanks so much for this! Great things to try.

  • Rhonda Martin

    I live in Maine and anyone who has ever stayed in Maine during the summer knows that Mosquito can lug you off here. You posted some really great tips.I keep telling the Mr. that he needs to make sure he doesn’t leave jugs of any kind out that water can collect in and Mosquito’s can breed in. He just thinks I’m crazy when I tell him this kind of stuff.

  • dawn k.

    Wow. Thanks for the info. Bugs love my tender skin…and I can’t stop scratching when that happens. I’m going to bookmark this post. Thanks.

  • Dorothy Walters

    Good article, but if you have outside pets I would find a way to get rid of the standing water. I love the idea of keeping your lawn short, mowed to keep the ticks down

  • pmilner

    Thank you for this post. I am allergic to mosquito bites as is our Son. I am constantly looking for ways to prevent bites and, in the case of getting a bit, how to treat them. Please keep up the terrific blogging.

  • Nicole Carter Weasley

    Wonderful tips that I will use! Thank you!

  • Laura @ The Salty Kitchen

    Such a great article! Thanks for the tips!

  • Cheryl Grandy

    Thanks for the information about preventing mosquitoes and ticks from becoming overabundant, and preventing bites. I find that if I get bit by a mosquito, it itches for days and nothing seems to reduce the itch. So it’s best to prevent the bite in the first place.

  • Nerdz Rage

    I get the worst bug bites and I am allergic to almost everything.

  • Sarah Hayes

    good info. I never knew so much about them. im not looking forward to the bugs coming out again this year but i will be more prepare this time around

  • Richard Hicks

    Very very good advice here. As the old saying goes…an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

  • Wendy Mastin

    We live out in the country. This is great advice for everyone

  • Terra J. Sweeps

    I live in a jungle tropical area. Bugs are a daily battle. Thanks for the tips and the advice.

  • sohamolina

    Summer nights is the worst for bugs.

  • Mendy Dinsmore

    I wish we could get rid of ticks and skeeters. I don’t see a purpose for them in the cycle of life, except to cause harm to humans and pets.

  • Melissa

    This is good to know, particularly as the weather gets warmer.

  • Daniel M

    i hate bugs, don’t think I could live down south where i hear they get huge!

  • sheri street

    I am going to have to remember this

  • Gail Hoeker

    Great tips!