How to Create the Ideal Fancy Dress Theme for your Child

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As a parent, one of the most enjoyable things that you can do for your child is host a pasty for them and their friends. While this may not seem like much in the grand scheme of parenting (think nurturing and raising a child into adulthood, for example) it provides moments of light relief and helps your child to develop social skills and mechanisms that will prove invaluable as they grow older. With the birth-rate in the UK continuing to soar nationwide, there will certainly be no shortage of guests to invite to your party too!
When planning a birthday party for your child, introducing the element of fancy dress is always an excellent idea. This requires careful planning, however, so consider the following steps prior to finalizing your theme and logistics: -

Consult with Other Parents to Generate Ideas

Before deciding on a theme, it is important to solicit the ideas and input of other parents. After all, there is a lack of disposable income around at present, meaning that many parents may not have the cash available to invest in costumes and accessories. By discussing the matter in-depth, you may be able to either reach an agreeable compromise or at least pool resources to share the cost of procuring necessary items. This spirit of togetherness and cooperation will also ensure that you set a date that is convenient for everyone.

Collaborate to Create Unique Costumes

On a similar note, the same spirit of collaboration can also help to avoid a scenario where children wear identical costumes. While this is hardly the end of the world, ensuring that each child is wearing something innovative and unique will help to create a more memorable occasions for all parties involved. Creative parents can even work together to create and personalise individual costumes for the event, working from a joint vision that includes a predetermined theme, characters and numerous props and accessories.

Develop a Suitable Theme that Grows Organically

Whether you create your child’s outfit from scratch or purchase it online from a reputable supplier such as the Fancy Dress Empire, it is important that every decision taken contributes towards the development of a cohesive theme. The best fancy dress themes build organically as an idea gathers momentum, especially when there are several individuals collaborating on the same project. It doesn’t matter whether you are striving to create a Harry Potter-themed party or one that relates to superheroes, as your ideas will only be successful if you have a clear vision and understand how to bring it to life.


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  • Jessica

    I love themed birthday parties. I do one every year for my daughter and girls clamor for an invite!