Blog Design Packages by Rude Mom

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Did you know that Rude Mom does Blog Designs and Social Media makeovers? Let Rude Mom Designs give your blog and social media pages a whole new look at a great low price, that can’t be beat!

 “Not Your Average Blog Design”

~If you would like to request a design please fill out the form below~

~Go HERE to see the Premade Designs that are available~

*Blog Migration Service*

- Blogger to WordPress $175

~Afraid of losing your readers?

~Afraid of WordPress?

~Afraid of the unknown?

~Afraid of the transfer process?

~Afraid of losing your Alexa & Pagerank?

Well, with Rude Mom Media and Designs, you don’t have to worry about any of that. The process is quick and painless to your billfold too.

*Additional Info*

- All designs will be shown to you for finally approval.

- Please allow up to two weeks for “Full Kits”.

- I can upload the design onto your blog for an extra fee.

- Once the graphics have been uploaded to your blog a link back to my blog is required.

- If you do not wish to post my link on your blog an additional $20 should be sent to the address above on Paypal.

- All products will be sent to you via email in a .zip file.






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Cyndee is a mom of 3, one with Autism as his Super Power, trying to make her way through college and life with MS and without getting multiple restraining orders...Living in Mt. Airy, N.C and married to her best friend and side-kick Jack, aka Not-So-Rude-Dad.....Welcome to our craziness.
  • Carol McDonald

    These are awesome! If i could convince my bf to let me get a blog design that would be great LOL.

    • rudemom75

      Tell him I will give you 25% off for only this week :)

  • Amanda McMahon

    I didn’t know you did blog design packages!

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  • Stephen Alexander

    Glad to know you do that. It’s hard work!

  • Craft Dictator

    You have such great blog designs! I love that you also do the pinterest, twitter, and facebook also.

  • Kenneth Clutario Agudo

    Great designs :)

  • Rayray Cartucci

    Looks like you do wonderful work…Your blog is the bee’s knees.Thanks!

  • Rachel Ralston

    Your blog design looks fantastic. I need some work done on my blog and have sent you a message. =)

  • Almost Supermom

    Just bookmarked this! I’m looking into migrating in the next few months :)

  • Shannon

    These are so pretty! Great work!

  • tisme143

    i just wanted to comment on your work, i think its awesome and i love how the page’s turn out, i just find it more neat n clean sort of hehe thanks for sharing @tisonlyme143

  • Taryn Burt

    These are great!!!

  • sgumer

    this is a great post. it will definitely help me revamp my blog and make it look great.

  • Albert

    I love these designs.

  • Jane Ritz

    You have great designs. You’re a very talented person!

  • Elisebet F

    When you say “banner” is that the same thing as a custom header on WordPress?

    • rudemom75

      Yes, ma’am they are the same thing :)

      • Elisebet F

        Awesome! I’m waiting on a payment from a sponsor, but after that I’ll fill out the form. Thank you!

  • Michelle F.

    You have such cute designs. I love the colors.

    • rudemom75

      Thank you so much, that means a lot to me

  • debbielq

    You do such nice work. I just changed themes on my blog, but I am thinking about a new banner. Thanks for this post, it is nice to see everything, including prices, up front.

  • Michelle Elizondo

    I love that theres packages.

  • Mamamusing

    I love your blog designs! I’ll keep you in mind in case I decide to redesign!

  • Amy @ MI Savings Mama

    I love that not only do you do blog designs, but you also do the facebook and twitter! I know I’m going to be looking at a redesign in the future.

  • Lisa Jones acouponaddict

    I May Have To Take You Up On This !!

  • Heather Bridson

    Great design, and your prices are great. Nice to see such good work!

  • Ria C

    That’s nice! I didn’t know the templates for Pinterest can be customized. I’m such a newbie in html and codings. Good luck on your venture and more power!

  • Marcia Lee

    I love your blog and don’t know how you find the time to design with all you do.

  • Jo-Anne Pfoh

    you are very talented

  • angela

    I will have to look further into this. I have so many ideas and so little time.

  • Mercedes Lyne

    helpful ideas

  • Laura @ The Salty Kitchen

    I had no idea you did all this! I’ve bookmarked your site, so I can come back when I get some cash. AWESOME!

  • AmandaSakovitz

    Beautiful blog designs!

  • heather baker

    I love your designs! When my blog gets bigger I will definitely being interested in your services!

  • allexinnoalexys

    First package is nice.This is cool!

  • tannawings

    Great designs and I like everything you offer. If I ever get bigger I will keep all of this in mind!

    ellen beck rafflecopter

  • natasha s.

    love it! i love all your different designs! if i ever need help i know where to come!

  • Natalie

    You have a very creative and artistic mind!

  • Mike Weisberg

    Thats good to know. I am still learning about blogging. May use your services in the future.

  • Lilith Nyx

    Great work :)

  • Tiffany W

    Very neat looking blog designs.

  • Tamar

    So cool that you do this!

  • JulieChaplowKeyworth

    Very cool!! I think this is awesome! I especially like that you can move it all over for an extra fee. :)

  • Vivid

    Ooh… super cute. I’d love to buy one sometime.

  • serenefairy2

    It’s good to know someone who does blog designs in case i need it someday (alisa)

  • nicole henke

    wow- great packages and designs!

  • Rita Leonard

    These are great designs and would be very handy to get a great looking blog together easily

  • Ashley Costanzo

    You have great designs – awesome work!

  • BoiseFamily

    I’m not a blogger at the moment but you really do have nice designs.

  • debbie jackson

    I love your blog designs. When I get ready, I’m coming to you.

  • Sarah Elyce

    This is a great idea! Your designs and color schemes are wonderful.

  • Wild Orchid

    You are so talented! Great to get more details on this.

  • Karen

    Very beautiful work and reasonable pricing!

  • Sam

    Very creative.

  • Seyma Shabbir

    I love the designs, very clear and colorful.

  • Prometheus

    very good blog designs

  • paleface

    Enjoy looking at your ideas on designs.

  • kristen visser

    love the designs!! very talented!

  • Sky Evans

    These are nice designs.

  • gtpgirl19

    Your Designs are very pretty and unique

  • Nicole Carter Weasley

    Your are really great at designing blogs!

  • Sky Evans

    I love these designs.

  • Richard Hicks

    I will keep you in mind. Always might want to refresh my blog

  • S Daniel

    Really cute blog designs!