The Benefits of Using an E-collar

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The Benefits Of Using An E-collar

While e-collars are a controversial topic among pet owners, they have served a useful purpose over the years. This type of collar typically provides a correction in the form of a small shock when the dog approaches a fence line or when the dog begins to bark. Here are a few advantages to working with e-collars:

One of the biggest benefits to using an e-collar is the fact that training does not end simply because the owner is inside or at work. The consequence for inappropriate behavior is given in spite of the fact that the pet’s owner is not present.

Unfortunately, the behavior of many pets causes problems with neighbors. Dogs bark loudly, often at night or during the day. Neighbors may report this to the police. Fortunately, e-collars prevent this issue by performing a correction when the dog begins to bark.

There are many uses for e-collars. Not only are these tools helpful for easing aggression in dogs, but they can even be used to warn the dog of certain hazards. Performing a correction when the dog nears a horse may prevent something dangerous from occurring later on. Click here to learn about e-collars for dogs and their many advantages.

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Jack is a father of 3, one with Autism as his Superpower, who loves to garden and living life to the fullest; even if that means strapping on a parachute and taking a dive. He lives in Mt. Airy, N.C and is married to his best friend and sidekick Cyndee, aka Rude Mom.....Welcome to our craziness.
  • Shannon

    Um…I am uncertain about these and if it would work with my herp the derp dog. I would be willing to try it though.

    • rudemom75

      I was unsure, but I learned that most K-9 officers are trained using these same e-collars…that was an eye opener for me, because those dogs are extremely well trained and well mannered.

  • Lauren Miller

    Thanks for sticking up for the e-collars! We have one for our German Shorthair Pointer, and we’ve only used it on the LOWEST setting. She responds well, and it has helped with some bad habits she has! Now if we could just teach her to hunt…HaHa!

  • kristy edgington

    might have to try one out when we go camping this summer, my toy poodle barks at everything!!